WP e-Commerce Products Video

“WP e-Commerce Products video” Plugin is a wordpress based plugin which is used to show the wordpress e-Commerce products video popup from youtube, vimeo url or upload custom video by user. This plugin will help to promote your online eCommerce products by watching products video. “WP e-Commerce Products video” has sixteen (16) built-in Themes. User can change the themes depending on their websites template design.

User can also customize the existing themes or add new themes from “/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-products-video/includes/templates”. Before install WP e-Commerce Products video plugin user must be install and activate WP e-Commerce plugin first. User can customize video popup settings and upload video icon from Settings->EPV Settings of wp dashboard. “WP e-Commerce Products video” plugin has used wordpress custom metabox.

This plugin is compatible up to WordPress Version: 3.6 and WP e-Commerce Version

The button screenshot, which will show video in the frontend


How to add video with wp e-Commerce products

This is metabox area for add video, which is located in wp e-Commerce products add option or products edit option.

You can select video type, add video link and check the checkbox from this area. Here video link and checkbox is very important. Without those you will not see any video in the frontend.

Example: If we select youtube radio button as a video type, enter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sQd4f76iF0 as a youtube video url in the video url textbox and finally check the checkbox, you will get a beautiful youtube video in the frontend as the above screenshot.

Important things, for change the video popup and themes

If you wish, you can change popup size, title and themes from this area.